Designer, Aric Snee

Gaia - an innovative design by American glass artist Aric Snee, which brings the garden indoors to ensure fresh herbs, flowers and plants all year round.

Gaia is designed with clear organic references in the curved lines of the growth glass which narrows in the middle, reminiscent of a classic hourglass. The clear glass top and frosted base create a lovely contrast, broken only by a decorative design detail – the cork stopper – which makes it possible to pour water into the base to achieve the self-watering effect. The planter’s base can hold enough water for 3-14 days, depending on the size, keeping the foliage and flowers displayed on top fresh and beautiful.

The Gaia growth glass comes in three sizes.

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GAIA, vækstglas


Gaia Plant glass

Clear and frosted, Ø 9 cm
EUR 39,95

Gaia Plant glass

Clear and frosted, Ø 14 cm
EUR 49,95

Gaia Plant glass

Clear and frosted, Ø 21,5 cm
EUR 94,95

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