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Advent Candle 2018

multi, Ø 5 cm

EUR 13,95

Product description

The annual Advent Candle 2018 by Holmegaard was designed by Jette Frölich. It is 25 cm high and 5 cm in diameter, and it is adorned with the most exquisite embellishments, helping to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere in the home. Count down to Christmas by lighting the Advent Candle every day until the big night, and let adults and children alike enjoy the peace and the joy of anticipation. The Advent Candle is an established tradition in many families, and Christmas just isn’t Christmas until the candle has burned down, so all you have to do is buy this decorative Advent Candle and you’ll be all set for December!


Holmegaard Christmas
Jette Frölich
fully refined wax
5 cm
25 cm
Please note:
Warning: Never leave candles burning unsupervised and always keep out of reach of children and pets. Always place the candle holder on a non-combustible base, away from combustible materials. Never allow a candle to burn all the way down. The heat can break the candle holder and thus contribute to causing a fire. Never move a candle while it is lit, as the wick may move in the liquid wax. If the entire candle catches fire, suffocate the fire slowly – do not blow on it.

Jette Frölich

Jette Frölich, renowned for her amazing decorations and paper-cuts, has transferred her motifs onto glass from the Holmegaard Christmas range. Jette Frölich’s designs have been transferred onto Christmas biscuit jars and Christmas tea-lights, to create authentic Christmas cheer in any home.

» Read more about Jette Frölich here

Since 1825

The Danish Holmegaard glassworks has a long and proud tradition, and even to this very day, some of the best artists in Denmark are associated with Holmegaard’s glass production.

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