Design by Bodil Kjær

Back in 1961, the iconic Danish architect Bodil Kjær created the Crosses vase, which Holmegaard is now relaunching with a contemporary twist to the colour. Bodil Kjær herself describes the vase as a design for all those who love loose flowers and want to bring a casual piece of the garden into the living room.

In keeping with the 1960s’ original, the Crosses vase is made of hand-blown glass. Its inner walls give cut flowers support, displaying them almost as they would look naturally. The distinctive design is in line with today’s major trend of graphic and geometric shapes. The three different sizes of the vase, and the green, clear and smoked colours, make them beautiful when used in mismatched clusters anywhere in your home.

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Since 1825

The Danish Holmegaard glassworks has a long and proud tradition, and even to this very day, some of the best artists in Denmark are associated with Holmegaard’s glass production.

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