Designed by Per Lütken

per lutken for holmegaard

The Provence bowl was hand-fashioned by Per Lütken in 1955. The bowl was created without the use of moulds and is one of the best examples of Lütken's respect for the red-hot glass that comes straight out of the furnace. It has been hard to find for many years, but now it is back in production as a proud representative of Danish glass art. An ideal gift idea for the design enthusiast, and an item that is guaranteed to be handed down from generation to generation.

Per Lütken was one of Holmegaard's most advanced glass blowers. He breathed life into more than 3,000 glass designs, many of which – like the Provence bowl – have become classics and highly sought-after collector's items. 

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provenceskål fra holmegaard


Provence Bowl

Ø 19 cm
EUR 79,95

Provence Bowl

Ø 25 cm
EUR 109,95

Provence Bowl

Ø 31 cm
EUR 164,95

Provence Bowl

Blue, Ø 19 cm
EUR 94,00

Since 1825

The Danish Holmegaard glassworks has a long and proud tradition, and even to this very day, some of the best artists in Denmark are associated with Holmegaard’s glass production.

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