Designs by Maria Berntsen

maria berntsen for holmegaard

The Scala range comprises glass jars, a bottle and drinking glass. It was originally designed by Ole Palsby and has now been reinterpreted by Maria Berntsen, who is also the creative mind behind our popular Design With Light range.

A pretty yet practical patented lid makes a useful handle as well as providing air-tight storage, so you can store all sorts of dry produce from oats and granola to fruit and nuts. The handle also makes it easy to carry them to and from the breakfast table. The name Scala refers to the idea of being able to read the quantity as well as see the contents.

The built-in scale is on all the jars and is also a characteristic feature of the range. Scala takes us into the realms of one of Holmegaard’s successful, traditional old spheres of design – the storage jar – where practicality, technical aspects and aesthetics add up to a greater whole.

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Scala Storage jar

black, 0,5 l
EUR 17,95

Scala storage jar

Clear, 20 cl
EUR 13,95

Since 1825

The Danish Holmegaard glassworks has a long and proud tradition, and even to this very day, some of the best artists in Denmark are associated with Holmegaard’s glass production.

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